Over the years, our farm and dairy has grown and changed to meet the growing demands but our commitment to quality and meeting the needs of our customers has remained.

Twice a day, our herd of 100 milking cows are milked on our farm in Brindle. Our cow’s health and welfare is of paramount importance as we know that content cows produce the best milk.

Milk delivery chorley

Processing and Pasteurisation

After being cooled, our milk travels next door into our dairy to be pasteurised.

This is the process of heating the milk to 72ᴼC for 15 seconds to kill any potential harmful pathogens.

This ensures our milk is safe to drink and keeps it fresh for as long as possible.


Take a look at this video to find out how our milk is bottled.

Buy direct from the farm

Here at Denham Springs you can help yourself from our on- farm honesty fridge which is stocked with our most popular products.

Denham Springs Dairy