• John Baldwin

Meals on Wheels

This week, we upgraded our cow feeding system with a Shelbourne Reynolds Powermix Diet Feeder. This was supplied by our local agricultural machinery dealership J Charnley & Sons who provided us with a demonstration model before we decided to buy.

In winter, our cows are fed twice a day with a mixture of grass silage, occasionally maize silage, wheat, protein blend and straw. This is key to producing high quality milk when fresh grass isn't available.

All the different elements are balanced to create the optimum diet for our cows. The Diet Feeder uses a scale to weigh each ingredient before taking around 15 minutes to mix them together.

Once this process is complete, we use a tractor with the Diet Feeder behind it to drop the feed into a trough for the cows. Our cows then have access to this feed throughout the day.

Thanks to J Charnley & Sons for their expertise and reliable service once again.

Philip and Andrew Baldwin- The Farm Team

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